The Scriptures

This is a literal translation of the Bible in English. This translation differs significantly from most common English translations in that it has restored the original book order of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Tanakh, and restored the Name of the Most High, (יהוה) throughout.

What's new in the 2009 edition?

  • Improvements to the text - seeking a yet closer equivalent to the literal meaning of the original language.
  • Quotations / Allusions from the Tanakh (O.T.) are in bold type in the Second Writings (N.T.), and are accompanied by the text references - aiding your understanding of the original contexts, and how they influence the writers drawing upon them.
  • Hebrew names of Book Titles are now on right hand pages with corresponding traditional English names on the left hand pages - making it easier for you to find the place, and easier to learn the Hebrew titles. (Hebrew names are also used where possible for annual festival days, as well as being used, minimally, for ambiguous words).
  • Removal of doctrinal comments from footnotes, explanatory notes etc., (including deletion of prophecy hairlines) in favour of more useful notes - thus clearing away obstacles to your unbiased study of Scripture.
  • Maps, Timelines, Illustrations have been added.

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Unique Features of The Scriptures

The Scriptures is a literal translation of the Tanakh and the Messianic Scriptures.

The Divine Name

The divine Name (the tetragrammaton), יהוה, appears in Hebrew characters throughout the translation in the Tanakh (Torah, Nevi'im, Kethuvim) and also in the Messianic Scriptures. The name by which the Messiah was known, Y'hoshua / Yeshua, is restored in Hebrew as well and appears in the text as such, יהושׁע.

Order of Books

The books in the Tanakh are arranged according to the original order of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings.

Personal Names

The original Hebrew personal names of people and places are restored throughout the Scriptures, such as "Yirmeyahu" for Jeremiah, "Yeshayahu", for Isaiah and "Mosheh" for Moses and in the Messianic Scriptures, "Mattithyahu" for Matthew etc.

Book Names

The Names of all the books in the Tanakh are restored to the original Hebrew, including the books of the Torah: Bereshith (Genesis), Shemoth (Exodus), Wayiqra (Leviticus), etc, also the books of, Tehillim (Psalms), and Mishle (Proverbs) etc.

Other features

  • Words and names, as far as possible, have been corrected in order to eliminate any names of idolatrous origin.
  • Difficult phrases in the Scriptures are explained in footnotes and the explanatory word list.
  • The traditional rendering of the word "Law" has been restored with "Torah" throughout the translation, retaining the richness and full meaning of this word in the Hebrew language.

The Scriptures : Editions

The Scriptures translation is available in Regular size (with wider margins), Large Print (wide margin) & Pocket size, in the following editions:

Pocket Size:

  • Size: 5.5 x 4.7 inches [140 x 120 x 28mm], Cover and Binding: 100% Cow-hide Leather, Rounded corners; Head & tail bands. Color: Black
  • Font - 6.25 pt

Regular Size:

  • Soft Cover -- Size: 6.3 x 8.3 inches [160 x 210mm], Cover and Binding: Skivertex, Perfect Bound with Rounded Corners. Color: Blue
  • Hard Cover -- Size: 6.3 x 8.3 inches [160 x 210mm], Cover and Binding: SVEPA PU Hard Cover, Designer Slip Case, Smyth Sewn, 3 Head & Tail Bands, Silver edging. Color: Blue
  • Leather -- Size: 6.3 x 8.3 inches [160 x 210mm], Cover and Binding: 100% Cow-hide Leather, Gold edging, Rounded corners; Thumb indexing; Head & tail bands with three satin book ribbons. Color: Black
  • Special Soft Covers -- Size: 6.5 x 8.65 inches [165 x 220mm], Cover and Binding: Soft SVEPA PU Flexi-Cover (Duotone Tan or Duotone Purple); Special case with transparent window. Silver edging with matching satin ribbons, Head & tail bands.
  • Font - 9.5 pt

Large Print:

  • Hard Cover--Size: 8.3 x 11.7 inches [210 x 297mm], Cover and Binding: Hardcover, Kosher Bonded Leather, Head & tail bands, satin book ribbon, Color: Dark Blue
  • Special Soft Cover--Size: 8.27x11 inches [210 x 280mm], Cover and Binding: SVEPA PU Flexi Soft Cover, Special case with a transparent window, Smyth Sewn, Head & Tail Bands, 3 Silk bookmark ribbons, Gold edging, Gold on Black Thumb Indexes. Color: Charcoal & Black and Anniversary Edition: White & Silver.
  • Font - 12.5 pt

Institute for Scripture Research reserves the right to change covers on their publications. Sometimes a product can be sourced, then we select the one that resembles the closest to the previous cover.

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