Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to commonly asked questions about the Institute for Scripture Research.

Is the money "earned" from your publications used to pay salaries to personnel?

  • The Institute for Scripture Research does not pay salaries to any of the directors. All proceeds from the sales of books are used to republish, update and further the work of the ISR.

Isn't the ISR based in the U.S.A.?

  • The Institute for Scripture Research is registered in South Africa as a non-profit Section 21 company, and this has always been our base. When it seemed appropriate to our distribution, printing and banking needs we opened a separate office in the U.S.A. with a U.S. director. In terms of our current needs the ISR has since decided that good stewardship before Almighty YHWH involves closing the U.S.A. office completely. The USA company was deregistered on 31 May 2012. We will continue to conduct our operations from South Africa until Almighty YHWH leads differently.
  • Accordingly, the U.S. director, whose vital role there had been in the area of U.S. administration ceased to be a director of the ISR (USA), which was a seperate entity to ISR South Africa. Although we have made arrangements for publications to continue being distributed from the U.S.A. the ONLY address to be used by the public in contacting the ISR is the South African address. It is: P.O. Box 1830, Northriding, 2162, South Africa

Why is the ISR registered in the U.S.A. as a profit making business, if it is a "Not for profit" organization?

  • Being unhappy with all the requirements of a 501 ( c ), tax exempt, organization in the U.S.A., we decided rather to be registered as a profit making entity, and to pay taxes. This we have done. However we have remained true to our commitment to turn all proceeds from items sold back into the work of the ISR and not to pay salaries to any of the directors, whether in the U.S.A. or anywhere else. As indicated in Q#2 above we have now completed the de-registration of the U.S.A. office.

Do you answer theological questions?

  • The ISR will not respond to doctrinal questions. For doctrinal questions, we suggest that you earnestly search the Scriptures, study them and pray. If you are in a scriptural congregation you should be able to discuss matters with the teacher(s) there.

Can you recommend synagogues, yeshivas, assemblies, churches, fellowships or other groups for help with doctrinal issues?

  • Regretfully, we cannot, since this would actually contradict our desire to be non-partisan in regard to doctrinal matters. We recommend that you earnestly pray for guidance on where to go, and follow that up with action, such as searching local newspapers, internet, etc.

Who translated "The Scriptures"?

  • "The Scriptures" were originally translated by Dr. C.J. Koster, with the aid and support of other scholars and textual experts from both Jewish and non-Jewish backgrounds in different parts of the world. By forming the ISR, he enabled the work of the ISR to continue, even after his death.
  • Dr. Koster passed away on 4 May 1995, deeply missed by all who knew him and also by so many who “knew” him only through the work of the ISR that he founded. This work continues, as he intended, with the board of directors now overseeing the on-going work of translation and revision.

Is the work of translating “The Scriptures” now complete?

  • We believe that, by its very nature, the work of translating and improving the translation can never truly be said to be complete. Though we strive for perfection we do not claim that the translation is perfect. Far from it. This is why we have adopted the unique approach of asking public participation in its improvement. (See How can I help?).

Where is The Scriptures printed?

  • The Scriptures is printed in the USA and in China.
  • We only use reputable printers that have previously printed similar publications.
  • Due to defamation practises on the internet, we do not disclose the names of our printers.