Free 'The Scriptures' Downloads

The Scriptures TS2009 & TS2009EN* are available for download within the following bible study programs:

  • MySword (Android devices)
  • The Word (Windows PC/Laptop)
  • e-Sword (Windows, Android and iOS/Mac's)
  • YouVersion (Windows, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire etc.) (See for more information)

* Explanatory notes module, Torah & Haftarah Readings and Weights & Measures

Mobi and ePub Formats

The Scriptures 1998 is now available for popular e-readers, supporting the Mobi and ePub formats. Please click the appropriate icon below to download the file for Kindle or for e-readers supporting the ePub format.


Please note that some e-readers display the Hebrew characters incorrectly from left-to-right.



e-Sword is a fast and effective way to study the Bible. e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly with more capabilities than you would expect in a free software package. This Bible program is available from e-Sword here: You can download The Scriptures 2009 Edition from within your e-Sword program for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

theWord Bible Software


This is a free Bible program available from: You can download The Scriptures 2009 Edition from within 'theWord' program for PC's and Laptops (not for iDevices or Adroids).



MySword is a free offline Bible study tool for Android. The Scriptures 2009 is now available for Android devices. Download and install MySword from your Android mobile device and then download The Scriptures from within MySword.



The Scriptures 2009 is now available for download within YouVersion Bible software.

YouVersion (Windows, iPhone, Ipad, Androids, Kindle Fire etc.) (See for more information). The Scriptures can be read online or can be downloaded in the application for offline reading. YouVersion is a beautiful application, allowing the user to sign up and set themselves up to create booksmarks, highlight verses en more.