Gaan Uit Haar Uit My Volk

A wealth of thoroughly researched material on how elements from ancient religions infiltrated the early Messianic Faith, challenging readers to re-examine the doctrines of their faith and search for the truth in the Scriptures.

Gaan Uit Haar Uit My VolkThis well researched book, first published in South Africa in 1986, under the title "Die Finale Reformasie", explains in detail the origin of the Christian Faith as we know it today. It elaborates on how Sun Worship merged with the Messianic Faith, going into the details of how the festivals such as: Sunday, Easter and Christmas became part of the Messianic Faith.

It also explains the origin and meaning of the usage of words in the Christian faith, words such as Holy, Church, and names and titles of the Almighty like Lord, God etc.

It further explains the origins of Christian symbols such as the Cross, the Fish etc.

Come Out of Her My People is essential for any believer who has a sincere desire for Truth. It is of utmost importance to every Christian believer who wish to return to the pure, unadulterated faith once delivered to the set-apart ones who practiced the teachings of the Messiah.

This book is published by the ISR, but was not originally authored by the ISR. The content and opinions expressed in this work is that of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of the ISR.