Learn How You Can Help!

If you share in our vision of getting the truth of the Scriptures to a world in need, then you can help in a number of ways.

  1. First, and most obvious is by purchasing our publications, sharing them, loaning them to others, and using them as gifts.
  2. Further, you may wish to become a supplier of our publications via your website or your own enterprise, shop or business (see Bulk Purchasing). As a supplier to other outlets, you will be able to vastly increase your effectiveness in getting the truth of Scripture to the world!
  3. You can use your contact abilities to get as many websites as possible to carry a link to the ISR.
  4. You can raise the funds needed to distribute publications on a "NOT TO BE SOLD" basis. This option is available for consignment based larger batch print runs. Do contact us if you wish to embark on such missions.
  5. Perhaps you can come up with other ways in addition to the above. Do let us know. And of course we're interested in whatever successes (or setbacks) you have had in your outreach with our publications.

Improving the Translation of "The Scriptures"

An extremely important way in which you can help is with regard to the text of "The Scriptures". Despite our best efforts, spelling and punctuation glitches occur, along with other text errors. We appreciate your feedback in this regard so that errors can be corrected in later editions.

Please Note:
  1. While all comments will be reviewed by us, we cannot undertake to enter into correspondence with anyone on the translation. Time is a precious commodity and we need rather to apply our efforts more directly to the vision of the ISR.
  2. Strong's Concordance and Lexicon are not an adequate means of checking parts of speech. Also, Strong's list of the manner in which a translation has rendered terms throughout the Scriptures is not to be taken as reflecting the meaning of a word. In short, if you wish to make use of Strong's, please study it thoroughly, including its own explanations about how to use it!
  3. Regarding the base text of "The Scriptures", please acquaint yourself with the position we have taken in the Preface.

In advance, a very big "Thank you!" to those who seek to help us in any of the ways outlined above.